spring in the garden

Spring in the Garden

Spring in the garden has finally arrived and for the second year running we have glorious sunshine over Easter weekend. Everybody has different things they watch out for, especially in those last few winter months. When we feel a little fed up of poor weather and the excitement starts to grow that a busy few months are on their way.

Our latest Youtube video is a great look around what is happening in the garden right now, that happen every year to show us Spring is here. We also have a look at that dreaded gardening task, weeding, but not in a conventional method. We rip up a bit of paving that sank with the winter floods, which also helps to get rid of a lot of stubborn weeds, with the intention of relaying it to be a bit more durable to both.

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Although there is lots happening in everyone’s gardens in spring, there are three key things that happen in my garden. We just love to see them every year.

Frogs: The frogs take over the pond at this time of year, we see the frog spawn appear and the pond pump goes off for about a month. Frogs like still water and as much as the pond is for our fish, we let nature take over. Plus the frogs seem to do a good job of keeping the slugs off my hostas.

Muscari: Although there’s lots of spring bulbs appearing, the muscari that I never planted appear in random places each year. These are a nice reminder that nature will do it’s own thing.

Rhubarb: That first bit of rhubarb that you get to harvest is always a great taste of what’s to come. I always chop off the flowers that are appearing in spring and grab a few stalks to make a dessert while I’m at it.

So that’s it. Maybe I’ll add to this list next year, maybe we won’t get frogs. I never know. But it’s always a joy to see few signs that Spring is here.

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