Making a Seed Sowing Stick

Making A Seed Sowing Stick

The lastest video takes you through making a seed sowing stick, yes, one of your very own. These are available to buy in different formats, but everyone knows gardeners are thrifty beings. If you want, you grab any decent bit of scrap wood and be done with it. Or, you could as we do in the video, make something a little more special hence making a perfect for a gift. Here’s a List of what you will need.

  • Wood in a length suitable for you
  • Leather cord or string
  • A durable finish
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Drill and bit (5mm is perfect)
  • A smaller bit if you are adding cord
  • Electric sander or just sand paper if you like hard work
  • Saw

You may not need everything above, the best thing to do is watch the video, then come up with a plan of what you want to do.

How To:

So here’s the instructions for making a seed sowing stick:

  1. Firstly, Cut a piece of wood to the length you desire
  2. Measure the spacing between your holes and mark all around the piece of wood
  3. Mark the centre of the wood on both sides
  4. Drill your holes but only half way through from each side to prevent tearout
  5. Clear out any debris from the holes
  6. Sand all the edges to create a rounded softer feel
  7. Sand the whole thing and get rid of any pencil marks
  8. Drill a smaller hole and add some string or cord to the top to hang up
  9. Finish off with a coat or 2 of your durable finish
  10. Finally, Enjoy your new tool

It’s as easy as that. I’m sure there are plenty of modifications that you could do. Hopefully, this provides a good base for getting creative with your own sticks. Let me see your creations by tagging @haveagrowgardeneing on instagram.

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