2020 Growing List

My 2020 Growing List started this year on scrap bit of paper. A few ideas on what I wanted to grow, before logging online to order seed. Then I add a few more packs to my basket. Then I pick up some freebies in a magazine. Then pick up some seeds on a trip to the garden centre. Even after transferring the scrap paper to a notebook it’s not enough. I’m a sucker for a spreadsheet and that didn’t even work.

I try every year to keep track of what I have and what I am putting in this year, but fail miserably. Maybe I am overthinking it – but I like things to be organised and the amount of times I grow something that I really like and have no idea what variety it is.

Well no more – I am putting my list out to keep me accountable. This page will be my list of everything permanent in the garden. Everything I plant and hopefully everything I harvest. So the three sections are as follows.